Schools need more money!

Schools need more than money

By Melita Knight


There has been much debate about funding for education and where more of it should go: public or private?  Those whose children attend public schools will of course argue that public schools should get more. There is no doubting that some schools desperately need funds and that educational resources will be much improved if government schools had more money. However, everyone has the right to a good and proper education. This includes private school students whose parents choose to send them there, parents who also pay taxes and should also have a say in where that money goes.

We do need to make our public education system the best it can be though. There are more students at public schools than private schools, and they are not selective with who they allow in; anyone, regardless of religious beliefs, background, or income, can receive an education.

Some people doubt the quality of public education, even though there is no solid data which proves that its students are, educationally, worse off than those with private education.

To truly improve public education we need more than just funding. We need to create an environment that students actually want to go to. This does not just mean a place where they don't have to worry about being bullied, though this is very important. It also means a place where they are going to be engaged, where their interest will be captured by the content and presentation of the work. Not all students have a passion for learning, so we need to think of ways to get these kids interested in their work so that they can get the most out of their schooling.

It is not just the school environment that is important, but also the home one. Importance needs to be placed on education and completing set work on time. Parents need to encourage and support their children's education, and create a space where they can get work done without distractions.

Public schools need to be a place where intelligence and creativity can be nurtured. While those who struggle with their school work and who may be disadvantaged in other ways do need help and support, we cannot overlook those who are doing well academically or artistically. Private schools, with their smaller class sizes, are better equipped to give these students the attention they need to fulfil their potential. It is much harder in public schools to give students the attention they need, whether they are struggling or succeeding academically, or are somewhere in between, students will do much better if they get more attention.

For students to get the best education they can, the government must also look at the quality of the content being taught. Schools in rural and regional areas have far less subjects to choose from than their metropolitan counterparts. Subjects such as history and geography which should be compulsory subjects are only available to some.

Extra funding will always be needed and welcomed, but it is not the only thing that our public schools need.

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